The Indigo 5500 is a true professional moving head which is suitable for many applications. Due to the new revolutionary optical system the Indigo 5500 offers a very bright beam. Despite its 70W LED lightsource, the Indigo 5500 can compete with traditional moving heads equipped with an 400W discharge lamp. The Indigo 5500 is a true workhorse and is suitable for any application. It is equipped with 2 gobo wheels, 1 color wheel, rotating prism, DMX focus and a fast strobe function.

The Indigo 5500 offers a wide range of functions for a very affordable price. Its weight of only 12,5 kg makes this moving head easy to handle.




Lumen: 2800+

Lux@2m: 11000+

Efficiency: 40 lm/W

LED Quantity: 7x 10W CW

Driver current: 3A

Focus: Electronic focus

Dimmer: 0-100%

Strobe: 0-20Hz

Prism: Rotating 3-facet prism

Beam Angle: 16°

Gobo1: 7 static Gobos

Gobo2: 6 rotating Gobos

Color1: 7 Colors + White

Pan: 540°

Tilt: 270°

Pan/Tilt Resolution: 8-16 bit

Special: Pan/Tilt movement blackout

User-selectable pan/tilt ranges


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