Nexo Geo M620

The GEO M620 is a full-range unit for stand-alone, curved array or line array application. Extremely compact in size (191 x 373 x 260 mm), the M620 module punches well above its weight of less than 10 kgs. Using a NEXO-designed long-excursion high-efficiency 6.5” LF driver and a 1” throat driver on a BEA/FEA optimised HR Wavesource, the M620 delivers a frequency response of 80Hz-19kHz ±3dB, with nominal peak SPL of 127dB. HF dispersion is 80° or 120° horizontal, with 20° vertical  coverage,0° to 20° splay when arrayed. Using NEXO’s HRW patented waveguide for optimum HF coupling between elements, the M620 performs in a variety of configurations, facilitated by a fully-integrated 3-point rigging system.



Frequency Response 80Hz – 19kHz ±3dB

Usable Range @-6dB 75Hz – 20kHz

Sensitivity 1W @ 1m 95dB SPL Nominal

Nominal Peak SPL @ 1m 127dB

HF Dispersion 80˚or 120˚Horizontal (CCD)

Crossover Frequencies LF-HF: 2kHz Passive

Nominal Impedance 8Ω

Recommended Amplifiers 450W per box (3 boxes max in parallel on one channel amplifier)




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