Sony's first professional AVCHD camcorder redefines the performance and features expected of this product class. It records stunning quality 1920 x 1080 images at 24Mbps (50i or 25p), as well as supporting 720/50p and Standard Definition recording. Sony's “G Lens” and Exmor™ technology provide excellent resolution, colour and contrast, as well as exceptional low-light sensitivity.


Operational flexibility is maximised by AVCHD recording onto affordable and readily available consumer memory cards. Using two 32GB cards, the NX5 can record six hours of HD footage which can be further extended by simply swapping cards. Simultaneous HYBRID HD and/or SD recording is supported via a unique, optional 128GB Flash Memory Unit (HXR-FMU128) which offers 11 hours HD recording time at 24Mbps.


The NX5E is the first camcorder of its class to feature a built-in GPS locator, high quality Linear PCM audio recording and new Active SteadyShot stabilisation technology.


Exceptional Picture Performance

Set yourself apart from the competition with superb quality images and superior low-light capabilities providing the ability to work in the most demanding natural light conditions.


Work Faster

Memory Recording transforms the speed at which you work, making deadlines easier to hit and reducing time lost on unnecessary processes. With the HXR-NX5E, there’s no need to rewind tape - thumbnail images provide immediate, one-touch access to recorded clips, speeding up logging and editing work, as well making it easier to review footage while on a shoot.


Flexible Workflow

Work the way you want to with a wide-ranging choice of bit rates, interlace or progressive recording and even Standard Definition using MPEG-2 codec at 9Mbps. High Definition recording is possible at up to 24Mbps 1920 x 1080 50i or 25p. 720/50P recording is also possible. Audio is recorded in AVCHD modes in full 2-channel linear PCM audio.


Hybrid Media Choice

The HXR-NX5E provides a choice of recording media to suit different applications. Dual memory card slots mean you can make use of affordable, easily available consumer media products for most shoots.




Panasonic HC-V210

The lightweight and compact V210 packs a lot into a small package, while providing a full 135 minutes of recording time for high quality Full-HD recording. With its portable dimensions, yet powerful 72x Intelligent Zoom, the V210 is set to be a firm favourite.


Panasonic HC-V210

Lightweight and compact but still capable for recording high quality HD video.

1MOS 1/5:8" (2:20M) BSI Sensor


The new increased resolution, Back Side Illuminated sensor ensures great picture quality even when light levels are not at their best or when shooting indoors.


WIDE 32.3mm (F1.8) Panasonic Lens


Sometimes you want to video wide vistas or just fit a large group of people into the shot. This is where the 32.3mm equivalent wide angle lens on board this camera comes into its own. Its wide angle of view allows more of your subject into the picture, which is great for videoing indoors or when you are limited for space and can't step back far enough to fit everything in. Also the very large F1.8 aperture means you can still shoot even when the light is fading.


1080/50p AVCHD Progressive Video Recording


1080/50p recording (Full-HD 1920 x 1080, 50 progressive recording) at a 28-Mbps bit rate conveys about twice the information of 1080i (interlace) recording to produce ultimately beautiful image quality. It minimises afterimages and flickering caused by subject motion, and renders crisp, detailed images with smooth-looking motion even when shooting a fast-moving subject in a sports event.


10.0MP Still Picture Capture Mode


Digital Still pictures can be taken with this camcorder in three aspect ratios: 16:9, 4:3 and 3:2. Depending on the aspect ratio chosen, images with a resolution up to 10 mega pixels can be taken. This is very useful as it means the camcorder can be used to take photos when you do not have a Digital Still Camera available.





This is only a small range of the cameras we have available. Please contact to discuss your exact requirements with our fully trained staff.

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